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Fly Solartech

Designed in Italy and produced using the most advanced technologies and quality processes

Fly Solartech Panels

Fly Solartech Panels

The Fly Solartech panels are the most accurate semi-flexible photovoltaic panels, produced also with Back Contact Cells with the highest quality standards.

Pursuing innovation, beauty and the desires of our customers.

Fly Solartech

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Intelligent Technology, Nothing Superfluous

Seven-layer technology, anti-reflective ETFE surface, designed to have high corrosion resistance and structural strength over a wide temperature range.

Excellent chemical, electrical and high-energy radiation resistance properties. Backsheet made of black, strong and lightweight fiberglass or or white and flexible reinforced PET.

Intelligent Technology
lightweight fiberglass
Fly Solartech Semi Flexible Photovoltaic Panel Production Line

 The Quality Lies in Our Guarantee

Produced with German Poly or Mono cells or A-grade Back Contact Sunpower cells only.

3 years with product replacement warranty against defects.

High Performance, Easy Installation

High Performance, Easy Installation

The Italian Beauty

Matte black or white surface, from 4 to 8 grommets for quick fastening in a thickness of less than 3 mm.

Zip fixing system,  slim space-saving junction box, plus panel characteristics and dimensions tailored as an Italian suit.

Our care in production to bring out your love for your boat.

Fly Solartech Semi Flexible Photovoltaic Panel Other Detail

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