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Cutting edge technologies: full black, shingled cell, n-type and PERC modules, glass or semi-flexibles. We master photovoltaic technology by creating our products with the utmost attention to detail, be they technical or aesthetic. We proudly do so from our Italian headquarter.

“Our product care allows us to create the products we are proud of. Beautiful to look at, efficient and long lasting.”

The Italian Beauty

Fly Solartech has been engaged in the research, development and production of photovoltaic products for special applications since 2013. Our mission is to create photovoltaic modules created specifically for the most diverse applications.
The concept of photovoltaics as a solution that can be integrated into wearable devices, street furniture, public lighting, mobility is what drives us every day to innovate by creating increasingly innovative products to grow the culture of self-generation of energy.

“Great innovations happen when people aren’t afraid to do something different than usual.”

Battery Backup

Fly Solartech offers in combination with its panels a All-in-one inverter and storage system with excellent technical and aesthetic characteristics. By monitoring and managing solar energy production, the inverter is ideally placed to manage energy storage and use. The inverter can store solar energy in a battery for use in the evening, divert additional photovoltaic energy to heat water, or activate other smart devices during the day to help reduce your electricity bills.
By comprehensively managing energy, the inverter transforms homes into energy smart homes by putting power into the hands of consumers.

Three-phase BluE Residential ESS



Stable and safe CATL LFP battery. Module system provided with triple protection, IP65, suitable for outdoor installation



Plug & Play. Quick & easy installation. Modular design that permits to a single person to carry and install it.



Global Cloud platform & mobile APP anytime and anywhere. Open API.

Fly Solartech Solutions SRL

High Performance, Easy Installation

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