Designed in Italy and produced using the most advanced technologies and quality processes

“Great innovations happen when people aren’t afraid to do something different than usual.”

FLY Solartech since 2013 is engaged in the research and development of photovoltaic products for special applications. Our mission is to create photovoltaic modules created specifically for the most diverse applications.

The concept of photovoltaics as a solution that can be integrated into wearable devices, street furniture, public lighting, mobility is what drives us every day to innovate by creating more and more innovative products to grow the culture of self-generation energy.


We give quality to our life, without altering reality, without distorting the truth and without damaging the lives of others. We want a better world and we will create it by innovating solar technology and its applications by producing new revolutionary quality products. Quality is the oxygen we lack, and if the world is suffocating it is because we have been breathing mediocrity for too many years.

Our brands
G-Wire Technology

Intelligent Technology, Nothing Superfluous

Seven-layer technology, anti-reflective ETFE surface, G-Wire technology, use of special materials as thermoplastics and laminated fiberglass within the products are only part of our know-how all designed to have high corrosion resistance and structural strength over a wide temperature range.
Excellent chemical, electrical and high-energy radiation resistance properties.

We create products that others imitate.

Our applications
Our certifications
High Performance, Easy Installation

The Italian Beauty

Matte black, white surface or any kind of texture in a thickness of less than 3 mm.

We master photovoltaic technology by creating our products with the highest attention to detail, whether this is technical or aesthetics. And we are proud to do so, in our Italian production site.t.

Our care of the products allows us to create the products we are proud of. Beautiful to look at, efficient and long lasting.

Fly Solartech Semi Flexible Photovoltaic Panel Other Detail
Fly Solartech Semi Flexible Photovoltaic Panel Other Detail
Fly Solartech Semi Flexible Photovoltaic Panel Other Detail