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Commercial & Residential BIPV Semi-flexible Solar Panel Module

Introducing our innovative line of BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) semi-flexible modules, designed to seamlessly integrate solar power into existing architectural structures. With specialized adhesives, these panels conform effortlessly to the contours of buildings, even accommodating slightly curved surfaces. Featuring back-contact cells, they ensure enhanced energy efficiency and a sleek, recognizable aesthetic. Crafted from premium materials, our BIPV modules are exceptionally reliable, guaranteeing years of dependable operation. Experience the future of sustainable architecture with our advanced photovoltaic solutions.

High Efficiency

3% more exposure area thanks to busbar-free design
15 W power output higher than industry average compared to the same area

High Reliability

First year degradation less than 2%
Over 82% output power guaranteed within 25 years

Superior Warranty

The only semi-flexible module with 25-year power warranty reinsurance by LLOYD’S & PICC worldwide

High ROl

Reducing LCOE
Bringing more long-term return of investment

Aesthetic Design

Recognizable busbar-free design
Unique and graceful finger pattern on the solar cell surface

Lead Free

Achieving lead-free by using conductive foil
Eco-friendly recycling

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