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FLY Solartech is a European manufacturer based in Italy with exclusive production possibilities of customized solar panel. Having a flexible production line: we offer the design and development of custom and unique solar solutions, which require a personal touch and a unique approach.

We constantly innovate to deliver the latest photovoltaics technologies to our products including custom solar panels and to adapt to the changing needs of the solar market. Our technologies such as G-Wire, MWT (Metal Wrap Throught) 7 layers technology, and so on are the spine of our production line.
Our design and development team will assist through all stages of project development: from design sketch to working prototype and series production.

Some of our main customizations in Solar Cells and Panels:

Solar cells cutting size


*different size on request, the cells can be laced vertically or horizontally on request using G-wire technology





Customization in Solar Cells and Panels

Colored solar front sheet – textured

*different textures on request





Colored solar front sheet - Solar Panels for Home
Customized Photovoltaic Surfaces With Aesthetic Design

Customized – Tailored shapes and thickness of solar panels

*different shapes on request





Customized – Tailored Shapes and Thickness of Solar Panels
Customized – Tailored Shapes and Thickness of Solar Panels

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