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ETFE Based Semi Flexible Solar Panel

Solar panels have proved their competence and usability by meeting the requirements of people.

However, with the growing technology and usage of the energy it is important to stay up to date with your choice of solar panels.

Fly Solartech brings you the latest in solar panel technology with our range of semi-flexible solar panel ETFE. No matter what your requirements are in your solar panel choices, we can assure you the best products.

Solar Flexible Panel – The Latest In technology


A good solar flexible panel must have the ETFE coating. The ETFE layers is the Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene is a fluorine-based plastic. It can easily withstand high temperature and provide great efficiency. We have developed solar semiflexible panels using the ETFE technology that provides anti-reflectivity, high corrosion resistance and great strength.

At Fly Solartech, we believe in high-quality solar products, which is why we have invested heavily in developing state-of-the-art solar semiflexible panel ETFE. Compared to the regular solar panels, our EFTE based solar flexible panels offer higher efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Etfe is a fluoropolymer, or a polymer (a macromolecule consisting of a chain of the same molecules) that contains fluorine atoms.

The basic molecule is Ethene, the simplest of alkenes, unsaturated hydrocarbons having a double covalent bond between two carbon atoms. Its chemical formula is C2H4. The main feature of fluorinated polymers, and in particular ETF, lies in the fact that most of the chemical bonds present are of C-F (Carbon-Fluoro), one of the higher energy covalent bonds.

It follows that the molecules are very stable, able to withstand high levels of thermal stress and chemical aggression, more than other polymers. This is one of the important reasons why we use it for our nautical products.

In addition, Etfe is totally permeable to UV rays, so the transparency of the Etfe is 95% for a radius of 400 to 600 Nm, ie the spectrum of visible light, with a percentage of diffused light of 12 % and direct light equal to 88%.

Light Transmittance chart by wave length (Comparison with other materials)

What we are offering in Semi Flexible Solar Panel:

Fly Solartech is offering you Gen Next EFTE based semi flexible solar panels. Using the 7-layer technology, we have developed solar semiflexible panel that comes with many perks:

High standards solar panels also with back contact cells
High resistance towards chemical, electrical and high-energy radiation
3 years of warranty with product replacement against defects
Extremely lightweight EFTE – also with Fiberglass – solar flexible panels
Matte black and white surface for great aesthetic appeal
Space saving design for easy installment
Our Solar semiflexible panel ETFE based energy saving products will help you reduce your energy cost making your premises more efficient than ever.

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