How to Install Solar Panel

5 Steps how to install the Solar Panel

Bimini tops are one of the important parts of the boats especially the smaller ones. It is an open front canvas top mounted on the boat supported by the metal frames. They provide perfect shelter from the sun and rain when you off the shore.

Our solar semi-flexible panels are one of the best ways to provide your boat with energy supply with minimal weight gain and maintaining the aesthetics of the boat. If you are daysailer or a full-time cruiser then a solar panel is a must. You never know when you may get stuck in the water. They are perfect for providing you with an optimal level of electricity supply back up.
Installing solar panels on the Biminis of your boat can keep your batteries charged and your appliances running. You can choose from a wide range of solar panels for your boat Biminis.

1. Choose the Solar Panels

The first thing you need to do is choose the right panels for mounting the solar panel on Biminis. You can choose from a wide range of solar panels. They come in various sizes and you easily find the one that matches the Biminis of your boat. One of the best kinds of solar panels is the semi-flexible panel that comes with the ETFE coating. It can withstand high temperature and maximize the efficiency. All our products can be installed on the bimini, but there are some differences, the panels of the FLY-S2 series are more rigid thanks to the rear fiberglass sheet, the FLY-EU version is more flexible and fits better to any curvature of your bimini.

2. Use the hook and loop to attach Solar panels

You can easily mount the solar panels on your Bimini using the outdoor Velcro. It is easy to install as well remove when your work is done. All you have to do is stitch or glue the Velcro to the back of the solar panels you are using and use the other Velcro part of the Bimini top. Now, you can join them together. They will not come off that easily and will remain attached for a longer time.

3. Use Zippers

You can use zippers to install the solar panels to the Bimini tops. We can provide a wide range of zip systems, on either side or on four sides, white or black. We use the best zip on the market suitable for intensive and long-lasting use, they are made of a highly resistant plastic material which is therefore not corroded by the marine environment. Make sure that the Bimini is of the canvas material or similar so it’s easier to stitch them together. Zipping them together and your solar panels will be safely attached to your bimini top. You can run the wires without any hassle.

4. Use grommets to install panels

You can use the eyelets that we provide on the panels for mounting solar panels on Bimini. Our eyelets do not rust, they will remain impeccable. It is recommended to use high locking buttons like the Tenax buttons You can install the grommets on the solar panels and the bimini as well. You can stitch them directly on the canvas top. You can also use the snaps for installing solar panels on Biminis. It is a very efficient way of installing the solar panels on the bimini of the boats.

5. Use the frames

You can also use frames for installing the solar panels on the bimini roof. The framed will also provide extra support to your bimini to and it will not sag under the weight of the solar panels. Solar panels are lightweight, but if you are using more numbers of solar panels -in some types of installations – you will need a stronger frame. You can use PVC honeycomb panels that allow a good support while remaining light and allow the passage of air to cool the panel.

These are some of the easiest and the best ways for mounting Fly Solartech solar panels on Biminis. Installing a solar panel on Biminis is very easy with the right tools. Keep your boat efficiently supplied with power with the right solar panel.