Fly Solartech

Metal Wrap Through (MWT) Advanced Back Contact Technology

Metal Wrap Through (MWT) is an innovative cell technology to increase the conversion efficiency by avoiding the busbar on the front side, with both positive and negative electrodes on the rear side.


Manufacturing Steps:

1. Design and drill via holes that go through cells.
2. Fill with a conductive paste to guide the electrode from the front to the rear side via drilled holes.
3. Isolate the backfield. Both the positive and negative electrodes are on the rear side of the
cells, which are named as MWT Back-Contact solar cell


Relevant features:

  • Without busbars,decreasing shading area by 3%
  • 15W Module output higher than industry average
  • Eliminating the micro crack and degradation caused by string ribbons
  • Compatible with most of cell types including TOPCON, PERC, HIT,HJT etc

Our F-MWT product line is designed for installations on industrial roofs, both on-grid and off-grid. With 12 years of warranty on manufacturing defects and 25 on output our F-MWT flexible solar panels are among the most performing in the industry..