Photovoltaic Products – Solar Panels & Solar Street Light Solutions

In today’s times, with innovations designed in a manner that have kept us ahead of others, we have reached a high level of research and development in innovative photovoltaic products. With a mission to create photovoltaic modules that can be used for a wide range of applications, our innovations are focused on the development of photovoltaic solar panels with high- quality to improve the quality of life. These revolutionary spectra of commodities include Semi-Flexible Solar Panels Fly – GS, Solar Street Light Solutions, and Commercial – Residential ETFE Solar Panels. Each of these solutions is highly efficient in self – generation energy creation and are designed for commercial and residential purposes.

The Semi-Flexible Solar Panels for boat roofs are one of the most admired products from our portfolio. These solar panels are designed in 7 layer technology and are made of materials that are anti-reflective, high corrosion resistant, and can withstand a wide temperature range. These solar flexible panels have high resistance capacity towards the electrical, chemical and high-energy radiation. The passion to develop products supporting solar and contribute towards making a change keeps us excerised. Our solar street light solutions are perfect for professional lighting. They comprise of Easy Solarpole, Cylindrical Solar Panel, Single Cell Module, Mono Solar Module and more which are suitable for multiple uses.