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The heart of our Seven-Layer system is the EFTE top layer. The EFTE is a fluoropolymer, which is a polymer (a macromolecule made up of a chain of identical molecules) that contains fluorine atoms.

The molecules of this polymer are very stable, in fact EFTE can withstand high levels of thermal stress and chemical aggression, much higher than others polymers used in the industry. By contrast, their cost spans a very wide range of values, from hundreds to tens of thousands of Euros per kilogram. This explains why the applications of fluoropolymers are still very limited: these materials, in fact, are used when no other polymer is able to satisfy application requirements of high or extreme severity.

Why we have chosen it!


The ETFE is completely permeable to UV rays. Many tests have been carried out using samples of materials taken from old membrane structures, wich all confirm the durability in time of this property. (Source: Politecnico di Milano Chemical & Industrial Laboratory).

The transparency of ETFE is equal to 95% for a radiation ranging from 400 to 600 Nm, which is the spectrum of visible light, and a percentage of diffused light equal to 12% and 88% of direct light.

Durability, Cleanability

The ETFE is one of the most stable organic molecules that have been produced.

If used in normal conditions, the duration of guaranteed life is 20 years (Hightex data).

It’s a self-cleaning material, thanks to its particular chemical composition, and totally retains its transparency.

Environmental sustainability

The ETFE layers are 100% recyclable. The production process of ETFE is water-based, does not require the use of chemical solvents or petroleum derivatives, and respects the Montreal Treaty, which means that EFTE is not within the group of materials that deplete the ozone layer.The ETFE layers guarantee a certain level of thermal insulation, which is incremented by the addition of other layers of material such as EVA, PET and Glass Fiber.

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ETFE (Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene)

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)

Ultra-lightweight and durable. The combination of the ETFE and rear sheet of glass fibre is much more resistant to mechanical stress compared to the combination of PET and TPT

The combination of PET and TPT makes the panel very fragile: invisible cracks can form in the material, which allow infiltration of water with the consequent lower durability of the product. The solar cells are easily broken due to the low strength of materials

Transparency equal to 95%, which ensures excellent efficiency in terms of conversion of light into electrical energy.

Transparency aroud 80-90% offer a lower efficiency in terms of conversion of light into electrical energy.

Duration of 10 years. Resists to aging, slowly deteriorates.

Life of up to five years. easily form air pockets, infiltration and evident delamination

Highly resistant to seawater corrosion, as well as to all others chemical agents.

Not resistant to acids and alkaline, which makes it unsuitable for use in a marine environment.

Highly flame retardant. Suitable for temperatures ranging from -65 ° C to + 150 ° C. It can be installed safely even in hot places/enviroment.

Not suitable for use in high temperature areas because of the short-term heat resistance.

Malfunction of the cells: virtually eliminated

The traditional photovoltaic cells lose power over time due to corrosion and damages. The unique design of SunPower cells eliminates most of the traditional cell malfunctions. You will be able to take advantage of exceptional performance and savings.

The photovoltaic cell Maxeon® used in our panels is completely different and extraordinarily superior. Thanks to the solid copper base, the cells can ensure outstanding reliability and durability, allowing us to create panels that have among the best returns on the market.

Our panels are manufactured using only A-grade cells, with the best degree of purity and durability over time, because we want to offer only the best to our customers.