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Semi-Flexible Solar Panels for Boats

If you own a boat and frequently stay in water then solar panels can help you stay stored-up on power. When away from shore you can easily replenish the power of your boat’s battery system without having to turn on the engine.

Fly Solartech brings you a quality range of nautical solar semiflexible panel for boat. Developed using the 7-layer of solar panel technology, our solar panels can help you charge batteries, save energy and reduce cost. You can also use this energy to power your appliances while away from the shores.

Solar Panel Solution for Boats


Solar panels are a must for boats of any size. Our EFTE based solar panels are ideal for small and large boats. For smaller boats, our semi flexible solar panels can help you keep your boats charged when it’s in trailer as well as eliminate the problem caused by dead batteries. They are best options of back-up power.

For cruising and racing sailboats as well you can use our highly efficient solar panels as a replacement for your other charging sources. These solar panels will reduce the downtime of recharging the boat. You can easily extend the battery power.

Why Choose Fly Solartech

Our semiflexible solar panel for boat has been developed using the latest technology. Our photovoltaic panels produced also with Back Contact Cells offers higher efficiency level.

Based on our 7-layer technology, our nautical solar semiflexible panel for boat comes with many perks:

  • Anti-reflective ETFE surface
  • High corrosion resistance and structural strength
  • Withstand a wide temperature range
  • High resistance capacity towards chemical, electrical and high-energy radiation
  • Made of black, strong and lightweight fiberglass
  • Solar panels developed using also A-grade Back Contact Sunpower cells
  • 3-Years of warranty of replacement against defects
  • Aesthetically superior Matte Black and White surface finish

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